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■980 / inTopicNo.1)  これは詐欺メールですか?
□投稿者/ MIYA 一般人(2回)-(2004/12/18(Sat) 11:59:37)
    最初に私のフルネームでDear ****とついているのですが。
    On 12/11/04 I replied to the email message you sent regarding your PayPal account.
    As part of PayPal's commitment to excellence, I want to make sure I met your
    needs in my response. Would you please take a minute to answer a few questions
    to let me know how I did?

    To respond to our survey, please click on the web address above. If that does
    not work, please cut and paste the entire web address into the address field
    of our browser. NOTE: Please respond within five days so that you can provide
    timely feedback to me, Timothy . AFTER 5 DAYS, THIS INVITATION WILL EXPIRE.

    If you wish to take the survey anonymously, click the link below:

    Thank you for your help!

    PayPal Customer Support

    ** An important note from the survey vendor **

    In order to process your survey, we must collect personal information from you
    that are protected by worldwide data protection laws. BenchmarkPortal and its
    international group of partners are committed to compliance with all laws. We
    have taken the necessary steps to ensure that we meet the obligations required
    by country-specific legislation and the EU Directive on Personal Data Privacy.
    By clicking on the link above you are providing your Authorisation, allowing
    us to collect, process, access, and/or transport your data to a worldwide website
    located in Santa Maria USA. This website will be accessible to selected BenchmarkPortal
    employees worldwide and our client PayPal.

    All individuals with access rights have been educated on data privacy laws and
    the use of personal data, and have signed Confidential Non-Disclosure Statements
    holding them accountable for compliance.

    Your data will be used for the purpose of personalising our content delivery
    and services to meet your individual needs based on the information provided
    on our surveys. Our customised approach of providing focused information based
    on the personal data you provide, will be embraced by BenchmarkPortal and our
    client PayPal.

    BenchmarkPortal will not supply your data to any third party without your explicit

    A copy of our Privacy Principles is available for your review. For further information
    regarding our detailed Global Data Protection Policy, please
    click here: .

    For further information on PayPal's Privacy Policy, click here:

    If you want to be excluded from future surveys and survey correspondence, please
    click below:

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■983 / inTopicNo.2)  Re[1]: これは詐欺メールですか?
□投稿者/ MIYA 一般人(3回)-(2004/12/18(Sat) 13:28:47)

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■985 / inTopicNo.3)  Re[2]: これは詐欺メールですか?
□投稿者/ e小遣い稼ぎ.com管理人 大御所(404回)-(2004/12/18(Sat) 13:46:03)


    Dear $b$7$s(b,

    Thank you for writing to PayPal regarding the survey you recently

    I can understand your concern about the authenticity of this survey.
    Let me assure you that PayPal regularly sends out surveys to our
    members. As a part of this process, we endorse companies to administer
    these surveys on our behalf. The survey you reported is a real PayPal
    survey endorsed by us.

    We encourage you to be cautious of any survey supposedly from PayPal
    that asks for sensitive information. If you receive such a survey, you
    should not answer it. Please forward the email to us at so that we can investigate further. Please do not alter or edit the
    email in any way.

    You are under no obligation to participate in this survey. In addition,
    you may opt-out of receiving these surveys by changing your notification preferences in your 'Profile'.

    Please follow the directions below to opt-out of the 'Customer Feedback

    1. Log into your account at by entering your
    email address and password in the Member Log In box

    2. Click 'Profile'

    3. Click 'Notifications under 'Account Information'

    4. Remove the check in the box next to 'Customer Feedback Surveys'
    5. Click 'Save'

    We do encourage you to take a moment to fill out the survey and provide
    us with your feedback. We are very interested in hearing what our
    members have to say.

    We do apologize for any confusion this message may have created for you
    and we appreciate your efforts in helping PayPal to continue its
    product improvement initiatives.

    PayPal Account Review Department

    email is sent to you by the contracting entity to your User Agreement,
    either PayPal Inc or PayPal (Europe) Limited. PayPal(Europe) Limited is
    authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK
    as an electronic money institution.
    PayPal and its representatives will NEVER ask you to reveal your
    password. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. If anyone claiming to
    work for PayPal asks for your password under any circumstances, by email or by phone, please refuse and immediately contact us via webform at

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